Get In Touch With Me:

Are you a woman-identifying, transgender, gender-variant, two-spirit woman, or a woman of non-binary sexual orientations who writes? Do you enjoy Caesars? Are you outraged by the patriarchy? Do you love to talk writing?

Then contact me to be featured on Glamato this summer!

How it works: I will treat you to a Caesar (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) at a place and time that’s convenient for you, we chat, and I feature parts of our convo for this here blog!

MALLORY, I want to be on Glamato BUT I HATE CAESARS: That’s OK. They’re an acquired taste. How about when we meet, I order one and you order whatever your heart desires!

**For writers who don’t live in Vancouver but may be taking a trip out here this summer—please, get in touch. I’d love to feature you on Glamato while you’re in town.